Zoom Phone Embed link does not Place / Receive calls

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Zoom Apps Configuration
Zoom Phone Embed in a React application
Zoom Phone Smart Embed guide

The integration provided to Embed / Iframe is not able to Place / Receive Calls
Zoom Phone

When dialing or receiving a call the integration do not register it (no dialtone or ring alert)

Troubleshooting Routes
We tried running the integration from an iframe as described in the guide and opening the iframe link directly in a new tab with same result (not possible to place / receive calls)

How To Reproduce

  1. Open the link listed in the Description section
  2. Log in to your Zoom Account.
  3. Open your Zoom Desktop application.
  4. Try to Place / Receive a phone call from the link / embed (Zoom Desktop works normal)

were you able to get this issue resolved? If so, what steps did you take? We just enabled the smart embed in Salesloft and all outbound dials get stuck on “calling” while it works fine using the desktop app.