Zoom phone 'phone.voicemail_received' event unexpectedly changed structure

We started getting surprise errors in our application on April 9th regarding voicemails. It seems like the structure of the event has changed unexpectedly. Specifically, the callee_user_id field has been renamed to just callee_id in the phone.voicemail_received webhook event.

Were there any release notes or notification channels we could have used to be aware of this upcoming change? There isn’t any mention of it in any of the changelogs.

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Hi @gareth.seddon,

Thank you for raising this with us—I’m looking into this for you and will follow up here shortly (ZOOM-265443).


Hi @gareth.seddon,

After confirming with our Engineering team, they’ve let me know that this seems to be expected behavior.

In instances where the voicemail is left to the AutoReceptionist, CallQueue, or SharedLineGroup, the callee_user_id will be empty. Regarding callee_id this field is used (along with callee_extension_type) to identify the voicemail owner’s information. E.g.:

"callee_extension_type":"string" //user, callQueue, autoReceptionist, shareLineGroup

"callee_id":"string" //user: user_id(= callee_user_id); callQueue: group_id; autoReceptionist: auto_receptionist_id; shareLineGroup: share_line_group_id

I hope this helps to clarify, but let me know if there are questions about this.


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