Webhook Callee Missed, doesnt including call queues

Hello Team.

I’m building an webhook app that can notify me real time account wise every missed call : including users, auto attendance and call queue

I built a test app with event phone.callee_missed. The problem is I can only see Callee Extension Type = user and nothing else. So basically, every call queue missed , zoom does not send me anything.

How can I fix this?

Hi @kencds ,

Another user reported this as well.

May be a bug. Can you please message me your client id, developer email associated with the app, and call log ids from within the past 7 days so I can escalate the inquiry via our back end services?


Hello team,

I’m also facing the same issue. After some experiments, I found that the phone.callee_missed event is only delivered when there is one member in the call queue or shared line group, but not when there are multiple members.

Is this a bug rather than a intended behavior?

Hi @leon ,

I never heard back from the other developer, so I’m not sure. I just messaged you privately for the info and data I’d need to look into this behavior further.

Hi @gianni.zoom

Thank you for the reply!
I have replied to your DM, please check it.

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Hi @leon @kencds ,

I have a ticket open looking into this given another developer reported similar behavior (ZSEE-107519). Awaiting further updates.

Hi @leon @kencds ,

Unfortunately I have been losing steam with receiving updates on this, but I would love to escalate this on your behalf. Please respond to direct messages with updated webhook examples, client id and email for you to receive comms.

Passed info along to support org to open up another ticket to dive into this further.

@leon @kencds , it seems this is by design and it does not work for call queues. I am trying to track down if there’s an existing feature request for this (ZOOM-639903)