Zoom Phone Smart Embed inbound calls


Setting up Zoom Phone Smart Embed integration and encountering unexpected behavior during an inbound call.
I can see the inbound call in the Smart Embed widget, with Accept and Decline buttons, but clicking them are not passing the desired action to the desktop client.

  • The Accept button keeps the widget on a “ringing” screen, but the desktop client does not accept the call and continues to ring.
  • The Decline button simply returns a dialer to the start page, and the reject action is not reflected in the desktop client.

According to the documentation page it should actually accept or decline the call:

  1. Access the Zoom Phone widget in your Zoom Phone Smart Embed app.
    Incoming calls will show in the call confirmation display with the name or number of the caller.
  2. Click one of the following icons:
  • Accept: To accept the call.
  • Decline: To hang up the call.

Is this a flaw, an incorrect setting somewhere, or the intended behavior?

Found the answer, it is a setting under account settings / zoom phone

Automatically Call From 3rd Party Apps

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