Zoom Phone Smart Embed

Trying to use the script option for smart phone embed but getting this error.

sdk.js:2 Uncaught
TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)
at t.onCreateRule (sdk.js:2:218646)
at $r (sdk.js:2:207030)
at t.add (sdk.js:2:214503)
at new e (sdk.js:2:216719)
at t.createStyleSheet (sdk.js:2:226022)
at Gi (sdk.js:2:242758)
at sdk.js:2:244233
at Ji (sdk.js:2:243690)
at f (sdk.js:2:244147)
at ul (sdk.js:2:248942)

return t.onCreateRule = function(e, t, n) {
for (var r = 0; r < this.registry.onCreateRule.length; r++) {
var a = this.registry.onCreateRule[r](e, t, n);
if (a)
return a
return null

Can you please link the documentation you referenced and the steps to reproduce? @gterry180

I’m not sure this is useful to anyone else, but the site had some custom js that was interfering. So we just opted to use the iframe option.

Thanks for sharing @gterry180 !