Zoom Role type parameter

I’ve had a look on the API documentation, and for other posts on the DevForum, but can’t find any detail relating to the types of roles that exist when creating a role using API.

This endpoint: Meeting API

“Type” doesn’t give any clue as to the types of roles available. Is this a free text box?
If I use the API to create a role without setting this field, this comes back as “common” on the confirmation output.
On the documentation it shows “iq” as the example.

Is there a list of what role types exist, and what they’re for somewhere?

Hi @philip.ross
Thanks for reaching out to us!
If you query the Get/Roles endpoints, you will be able to see what roles you have available in your account

Some of these roles you can actually create them via the Webportal or via API

Hope this helps!

Thanks Elisa,

I spotted after a while that they’re listed on this endpoint explicitely: