I want to create meeting with zoom using API in PHP framework

I’m getting error with OAuth App in Marketplace

@sunilpurohit503 ,

Could you share what error you are getting?

hi @chunsiong.zoom

where i can add scope for my developer role types

@sunilpurohit503 are you referring to how to add a developer role, so your developers can access marketplace to create apps? The below guide might be useful to you

@chunsiong.zoom yes! i have have already done this part. But, I can’t find anything under scope section so that I can create meeting using Server-to-Server OAuth App with scope meeting create and fetching cloud recoding.

@chunsiong.zoom basically I unable to add scope in server-to-server OAuth app unable to see meeting and recoding in scope poupou.

Hi @sunilpurohit503
You might need to look into your role settings to see if you have the right privileges.
Please refer to this post

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thank you @elisa.zoom

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