Zoom Room Data access in Excel Power Query or Power BI

Newbie here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t know for certain if this API and Webhooks location is the best place for my post.

I am interested in leveraging our Zoom Room data in Excel Power Query.
As I understand it my supervisor can add Developer access permissions free of charge to my account and then I can access our data, perhaps using Web API without the need for my credentials.
What I am needing is to download current data relating to our Zoom Room devices, more specifically, software version numbers for the devices in our the iPAD Software, DTEN Display, and Conference Room name and number.

I’ve tried all the options in the Access Web Content dialog. Basic Option seems to come the closest, but the user name field I think does not allow an email address.

I am wondering instead if Web API isn’t the preferred method.

Thanks so much for you help! Look forward to participating on your forums.


Hi @mike.hutchinson,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

At this time, Zoom offers two methods for authorizing requests to our APIs:

  1. JWT (server to server)
  2. OAuth

You can find details on generating these credentials here:

Please note that in order to access our REST APIs, you’ll need to use one of the two methods below. You’ll need to check to see if Excel supports this.


Thanks very much for reply.
It looks to me that Excel supports both JWT and OAuth. (ooh, new users can only put 1 link in a post.)


Can you confirm I can access this… if our Zoom.us admin adds Developer permission to my account?

…Specifically, I’d like to access to our Zoom Room devices to get conference room number, iPAD Zoom Controller, iPAD Zoom Scheduler and displays Computer/DTEN and related data, I can see everything I need in the Web Page but cannot access via Excel Power Query due to the login requirement.

Hi @mike.hutchinson,

Thanks for clarifying! While I can’t speak to the Excel side of things, I can confirm that much of this information (Meeting number, Zoom Room details, etc.) is available via Zoom APIs.

When you mention the login requirement, are you referring to Zoom login (as part of OAuth)? If so, I should note this is a requirement for our OAuth flow. In your case, you may be better suited to leverage our JWT authorization, as this is server to server.

Let me know if this helps,

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