Zoom rooms past meetings list

The /metrics/zoomrooms/{zoomroomId} endpoint’s past_meetings response is strange

Which Endpoint?

What I found
The past_meetings object under the response to the zoomRoomsDetail api is a nested object that is paginated. I’ve written code that understands pagination generically for all apis that are paginated, which means they return the next_page_token at the root of the response object. This one nests it in past_meetings, which means custom code would be required to iterate over those should someone want to query a rooms past meetings

What I’d like
Keep that api all alone for backwards compatibility. I’ll use it to get the room details, including live meetings. Maybe add a query param that says “noPastMeetings” that’ll let me indicate that I don’t need the past_meetings(would be an optimization only).

Then, add a new api,
that would be a “normal” paginated response that I could use to pull past meetings if I wanted to.

The query params for the /metrics/zoomrooms/{zoomroomId} make a lot more sense in context of a call against /metrics/zoomrooms/{zoomroomId}/pastMeetings since it would become a normal bulk API response in that case.

Hey @robert.macaulay,

That is defiantly not consistent with our other APIs.

Let me see if I can get this changed. (ZOOM-174979)


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