LTI Pro not adding created events to Office 365 calendar integration

We are a school and use D2L’s Brightspace as our Learning Enviroment, our issue is that we use LTI Pro to schedule the meetings from inside the ILP’s UI (It just uses Brightspace as a frame for the Zoom window). The classes get created and function 100% as expected, however we also have the Zoom Room calendar integration setup with Office 365 and expect that when we schedule a room, it also shows on the respective room’s outlook calendar, this way we can schedule both via email and the LTI Pro UI.

The issue is that any meetings scheduled with LTI Pro don’t get added to the Office 365 Room Resource calendar so when someone goes to schedule a meeting via outlook, all rooms show as empty, even though there are events scheduled that day.

I’ve opened support tickets for this issue, however I’ve been told that since Zoom is functioning as expected there isn’t anything we can do about it. I swear this can’t be the fact because why even add calendar integration if you can’t even see the events on said calendar.

I’ve also looked at the Zoom Room’s schedule and no events are listed, even though the event shows on LTI Pro as scheduled in that room. I’ve even gone as far as trying to write my own API call to check the room’s schedule and then automatically add it to the Office 365 calendar but since no schedule shows, not even that works.

I’ve been working on getting this “fixed” for the past few months now and it’s to the point that I think we should just switch to Teams as I’m sure a teams call would get properly added to the calendar. It just makes our Rooms almost useless since you can’t schedule them without leaving your desk to go check the schedule on the Room display itself.

Hi @zdokuchic
Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
I am really sorry to hear that you have been working on getting this fixed with no success.
I am happy to look into this issue closer for you.
Could you please share with me the support ticket number that you had to see if I can get some more information?

I will also send you a private message to discuss further actions.

Hey Elisa,

Thanks for reaching out, don’t get me wrong, the support tech’s I’ve worked with are/were great, I just wasn’t happy with the end result being that it just doesn’t function that way.

As for ticket, my ticket number is : #16263401

Thanks again,
Zach Dokuchic

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Thanks, @zdokuchic
I totally understand and I will look into it personally