Zoom sdk 5.10.6 client cannot get meeting uuid on onMeetingParameterNotification

In zoom sdk 5.4, after meeting starts, the sdk will receive zoom meeting uuid from onMeetingParameterNotification callback. But after upgrading to zoom sdk 5.10.6, this uuid is not received.

This happens all the time.

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)

  1. add the following log lines to see meeting uuid is empty.
  void onMeetingParameterNotification(
      const ZOOMSDK::MeetingParameter* meeting_param) {
    auto meeting_info = this->meeting_service_->GetMeetingInfo();
    if (meeting_info == nullptr) {
      throw std::runtime_error("no meeting info");
    meeting_info->GetMeetingID(); // <-- this is empty

this still happens in 5.11.1.

@tailinchu, verifying here, you’re getting an empty value for any meeting information? Are you receiving an 11-digit meeting ID, but not a UUID? You are receiving empty meeting param data?

we received meeting param data (with 11-digit meeting ID), but uuid is empty.

This could be a timing issue of when GetMeetingInfo is ready. but in 5.4, we always can get meeting uuid by the time this callback is fired. In 5.10 and 5.11, this meeting uuid is always empty.

got it, I’ll check that. You’re saying this happens inconsistently, so by “happens all the time”, sometimes UUID is returned?

Sorry, I re-read your last comment. “This meeting uuid is always empty.”

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@tailinchu I’m checking if this is intentional. I don’t see it in the changelog, but will verify with the SDK engineering team.

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Hi @tailinchu, this is expected behavior for 5.10/5.11 and are trying to reproduce the behavior from 5.4, as we don’t believe that this was the intended behavior of that version.

In either case, we intend that the REST API is the primary way to get meeting instance information. I can see how returning this from the client as you were previously is beneficial, but ensuring your application has the meeting:read scope will be the best long-term path for meeting context.

is there a way to work around this? since this sdk method is not deprecated, it should work right? we need uuid to reconcile meeting from rest api (match meeting uuid from webhook).


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