Cannot find meeting by UUID


Hi Everyone

I use zoom API v2

I want to find all recordings for meeting.

I use /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings endpoint

Input parameter is meetingId

There are comment The meeting ID or meeting UUID. If given meeting ID, will take the last meeting instance.

If I use Id The api will return recordings

But If i use UUID I will message 

**There is no recording for this meeting**  
1) What difference between meeting ID and meeting UUID ?
2) Why do API endpoint not return recordings by meeting UUID ?


Hi Mike, 

Can you provide us the meeting ID and meeting UUID? Also, below is an explanation between meeting ID and meeting UUID.

MeetingID - meeting number

Meeting UUID - meeting UUID


One meeting can be launched many times, there is only one meetingID of one meeting, but it will generate many meeting UUIDs. One meeting instance will have one meeting UUID.

So one meeting can only have one meetingID, but it can also have many meetingUUIDs.


Meeting UUID is used to retrieve the past meeting instance. If the customer use the meetingID to retrieve the past meeting data, it will take the last meeting instance.





Hi Michael

Thanks for explanation about different between MeetingID and UUID!

Problem with finding recording for meeting by UUID i resolved. It was problem with library which I used to do API request.

But I was confused by SWAGGER from

I tried to use this endpoint for finding recordings but i got message NOT FOUND.

I have used Chrome browser. and example in swagger doesn’t work. How I understood problem is in UUID. This value contains special symbols like “+”, “/”, “=”. Maybe browser encodes this chars and I cannot get result.

But It works in POSTMAN.


Hi Mike, 

Glad that your issue is resolved, let us know if you have any other issues. 



Lucky this thread was here. I was baffled about what uuid/id difference might be.

Is this anywhere in the docs? I can’t find a list of what objects and their properties are. The devdocs api reference just says e.g., ‘returns an object’ but doesn’t describe the object.


Hi James, 

Currently, the difference between uuid and id is not in our Docs. We’ll talk with our team to see when we’ll update our docs accordingly.