Zoom sdk 5.10.6 client stops receiving MEETING_STATUS_ENDED

In zoom sdk 5.4, after meeting ends, the sdk will receive MEETING_STATUS_ENDED from onMeetingStatusChanged callback. But after upgrading to zoom sdk 5.10.6, this message is not received.

This happens all the time.

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. start a zoom meeting as host
  2. join the meeting with sdk
  3. host ends the meeting but zoom sdk does not receive MEETING_STATUS_ENDED from onMeetingStatusChanged.

Hi @tailinchu, thank you for reporting this. We’ll work to reproduce and look for a fix. Do you continue to see this on v5.11?

this still happens in 5.11.1.

We receive meeting status 6 (MEETING_STATUS_FAILED) and detail 8 (MEETING_FAIL_MEETING_NOT_EXIST).

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@tailinchu thanks for verifying. We’re looking into this.

I also see your other threads, thanks for your patience.

is there any update for this bug? thanks! @michael.zoom

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