Zoom SDK - Cannot read properties of undefined (reading toString)

I have configured Meeting SDK (v2.7.0) for my angular application, before it worked normally but recently it showed the error “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading toString)”, please help me:

Error: Screenshot by Lightshot
My code: Screenshot by Lightshot

Hi @learnreadingez
Thanks for reaching out to us
Are you still facing this issue on your end?

Are you able to replicate this with the sample app

Hi @elisa.zoom, thanks for your response.
I am still facing with this issue and dont know how to fix it.
As you can check my screenshot, I did replicate this with the sample app, and as I mentioned, everything was working until recently, it shows an error and causes my application to not work properly, my application is running live, it is very necessary to fix this error as soon as possible, kindly check carefully or I will provide all zoom related code if you need it. Thank you in advanced.