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Hello everyone i’m working on ZOOM Web SDK Component View.i have my own web page where i’m opening zoom video. I want to make zoom chat with my my own custom UI by using zooms build in methods i have achieve the functionality to send user message but unable to fetch other user message by WEB-HOOK can you please tell me what is the correct WEB-HOOK call also i’m i using the correct account type. I’m using free zoom account and i have create zoom account by selecting on Build App option

The doc is providing me this method to receive user message

client.on(‘meeting.chat_message_sent’, (payload) => {

but unfortunately i’m unable to receive the message

Can someone please help me in this

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum. I’m here to assist you. To begin, could you clarify what is and isn’t working as expected? I’m uncertain whether you’re able to successfully send a message with “Send a chat message” or if you’re attempting to listen for a message via a webhook and then send a response. Could you clarify the type of chat experience you are aiming to create?Are you sending chat messages to a contact or a chat channel you are a part of?

chat_message.sent (Team Chat Webhooks



Send Chatbot messages (

Zoom Chatbot API)

  • im using team chat webhooks
  • im talking about meeting chat via private or everyone
  • basically i’m trying to listen for a message via web-hook but unfortunately i’m failed to listen message

And all of this i’m using zoom component view in my web page

@a.hassan ,
Okay, you should test with the Client Team chat, not the WebSDK. When you send a message from there, you should be able to see the webhook. Please note that the WebSDK chat is separate from the Client Team chat.

Have you considered leveraging the Zoom Apps framework? The Zoom Apps framework uses the client-side Zoom Apps SDK package and allows you to open Webviews to third-party apps via chat compose shortcuts, message shortcuts, and button actions. You can learn more about the team chat from here:

i have tried this web-hook “chat_message.replied” but still i’m not getting any response other than this i’m getting participants web-hook response but for chat i’m not getting anything??

I’m using zoom free account is this happening due to this or this is not the reason also elaborate this.

@a.hassan ,
Can you share a screenshot of the message you’ve replied to and did not get any webhook event for it?

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