Zoom Slack Integration

Zoom Slack Leadsquared Integration

We use Zoom for our live classes and demo classes

We have requirements for Zoom and Slack and Leadsquare Integration for Scheduled classes assigned to the Salesperson.

The sequence of requested features

  1. Assume a Zoom Meeting ongoing between “Trainer” and “Student”

  2. Trainer click on a button in zoom session window (without open slack panel)

  3. On Slack, in our Selected Group a message start to appear about the meeting like the below screenshot link

  1. Sales Person: Click and joins the meeting, and we can track who joins the meeting first.

We want to develop this feature. Please share a time and quote for our below required features.

Hi @vikas.sharma,

Have you had a chance to check out our Slack app? This offers the same kind of functionality, and has already been built by Zoom so that you can easily integrate:


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