Zoom SMS API - Possible Integration with Monday.com?

Hi guys, I am relatively new to coding so my apologies if my terminologies are off or anything like that.

I have a basic question regarding an integration I would like to make between my Monday.com boards, and my Zoom SMS function.

What I would like to create is a python script that takes phone numbers from my Monday.com clients list, and sends them all an SMS at the same time using zoom, as opposed to having to manually go through them one by one which is incredibly labor intensive.

To be clear, this is not a spam bot or anything like that, these are clients that have all came to us as inbound enquiries and have requested to be kept up to date on new inventory as and when it is in. We would like to do this via SMS as it our customer’s preferred method for us to update them.

Using Chat GPT 4 , it informed me that there is no way to interact with Zoom SMS via an API to do what I am looking to do, so we got to work using an online SMS service called Twilio.

The issue here is that I will have to set up a new and different phone number, and it would be much easier if it was integrated with my existing zoom number.

Can anyone confirm if this is indeed possible or not? Or give any pointers in the right direction?

Thanks so much. It’s been loads of fun so far and whatever route I have to take, I’m very excited to complete my first app.


Hi @HenHenderson
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our Developer Community!
Your understanding is correct, we do not have an endpoint available to send SMS
Here is the link to our Documentation for Zoom Phone API, where you will find different endpoints but unfortunately what you are trying to achieve (send SMS via Zoom API) is not supported as of now.

Hope this helps,

@elisa.zoom - I have a simpler use case that I wanted to ask about . We have custom CRM-like application. Currently we have a feature that allows us to click and link that will open the zoom link and dial the telephone number or record. We would like to have a similar ability with SMS where it would open the application and populate the telephone number to reduce a bunch of clicks. Is this use case possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Would love to know the answer to this as well!