Error using Telehealth API


We have a paid Zoom account. We are getting below error while starting a meeting.

ApiKey Not Exist Or Incorrect
Error code 500

sample URL: (we have our OrgID and secret key here)

We created an JWT app and used that secret Key and Token for the above URL. Is that correct or do we need to use something else to create Telehealth meeting?

Waiting for assistance. Please note I changed the URL to

then I get error “AES decrypt failure (-1)” but my encryption is correct.

Hey @pthillai,

Is your JWT app activated?

If so, and it is still not working, please private message me the full URL (we have our OrgID and secret key here)


Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes it activated. I have sent my URL as a private message.


Could it be possible my account is not enabled for HIPAA compliant yet so this error is coming? We did send the BAA today. Please check the private message and you can access my account and see

Hey @pthillai,

That could be the issue. I will check.


Thanks. Pls enable it soon so we can work it. Many of our providers are waiting desperately for this feature especially due to the current situation.

Please let me know if there is any update?

Hey @pthillai,

Do you have the following prerequisites as mentioned in the document:

  1. Request to have the “API Cust Create” option enabled for your account. This can be done by sending an email to

  2. Zoom video visits require a paid Zoom account with enough host licenses (Pro or Corp) for the providers, plus 1 additional which is used to temporarily “host” video visits when a patient joins before a provider. Refer to Zoom for Healthcare for additional licensing requirements.

I’ve looked at your account and you have a free basic account.