Zoom Transcript Generation time guarantees

Hi folks,

  1. How soon after the completion of a meeting (30-60 min session) can we expect the transcript be available for access via the Zoom API? Is there a SLA/time guarantee? Ideally, we need it available with a few minutes after the meeting ends.
  2. If transcript generation takes longer, does Zoom offers an API to get captions instead immediately after the meeting, without a delay?


Hi @sriharim ,

It depends on a number of factors like network processing. We cannot offer a concrete time.

There is the live transcription feature and you can develop a meeting bot.. Take a look at our blog for more guidance on meeting bots: Zoom Developer Blog

Additionally, there are a few apps on the Zoom App Marketplace you can install on your account that may be a good fit for capturing live transcription easily without development on your end.

Thanks @gianni.zoom . Is there an API/webhook we can use to get the live transcription of a meeting?

Hi @sriharim , please look through the links I shared in the last response and also here for a good summary: How to get live transcription during a meeing - #2 by amanda-recallai

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