Zoom URL Schema


So I was inspecting how start button works to launch the zoom desktop client from zoom official website.


This is what I found out.

My use case is I have multiple teachers but I don’t want to share the zoom account credentials with them, I want them to get automatically logged in zoom and start the meeting.

I got all the values except the confId, any way how to generate it?

Hey @vivekkairi,

The supported way to start a meeting, is with the start_url. You can get the start_url from the Get or Create Meeting API.


Hi Tommy,

What about https://marketplace.zoomgov.com/docs/guides/guides/client-url-schemes or https://medium.com/zoom-developer-blog/zoom-url-schemes-748b95fd9205

And in the last few days, it seems that you’ve added some undocumented parameters, to these e.g. confid, zk, mcv and t.

Joining meetings with the zoommtg links from a browser now prompts for audio selection unless you have these new, undocumented parameters.

What gives? Where can I find up-to-date documentation on this?

Hey @sweetaz,

The Client URL Schemas have been deprecated:

The supported way to start a meeting, is with the start_url. :slight_smile:

We will add a note to that article mentioning the Client URL Schemas are deprecated.


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