How to start a meeting with Zoom Client URL scheme

Hi, I’m working on a conference room application (Electron frontend and Node.js backend) that integrates multiple video conferencing services and Gsuite. We have some users that want to start a Zoom meeting from the application (e.g. open up the meeting in the Zoom application on the conference room computer), but currently they have to manually fill out their username and password on what is essentially a shared computer. This is both tedious and insecure for the user.

I’ve looked pretty heavily into these docs:

My goal is for the user who created a meeting to be able to walk into the conference room and, if they are the host, to start that meeting as quickly as possible. In theory, the Client URL schemes look like they allow this as long as I can get a Host ID and Host token (zak would be great because it expires quickly, making it ideal for a conference room computer).

I have an API Key and API Secret from making a JWT App from the admin account, and I have been able to get/create the user tokens. Here are the URLS I’ve tried to start a meeting with:

  • https://{company subdomain}{meeting ID}?pwd={six-digit code OR long string}&stype=101&uid={host’s user ID}&token={host’s ZAK token}
  • https://{company subdomain}{meeting ID}?pwd={six-digit code OR long string}&stype=101&uname={host's email}&uid={host's user ID}}&token={host's ZAK token}
  • https://{company subdomain}{meeting ID}&pwd={six-digit code OR long string}&stype=101&uname={host's email}&uid={host's user ID}}&token={host's ZAK token}

I tested all of these while intentionally logged out of the Zoom web app and MacOS X app. All three version navigate me to the page with the message “If you are the meeting host, sign in to start the meeting”.

What is the correct way to make this URL so that a non-login user can start their meeting and also be assigned as the host?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

  • https://{company subdomain}{meeting ID}

Hey @joshua.martin,

First off, we have a really cool solution for conference rooms and APIs to go along with. :slight_smile:

Second, the urls you are trying seem off.

You can use the start_url which already has a zak token attached, returned from the Create Meeting and Get Meeting endpoints. This start_url will start the Zoom meeting without the user having to be logged in or login.

When you are using the url schemes, are you prepending the respective zoommtg:// or zoomus:// ?


Thanks Tommy! I think the Get Meeting endpoint was the missing ingredient. I had played around mostly with zoommtg:// and https://{company_subdomain}

Unfortunately Zoom Rooms is not an option for now especially as our product is fairly mature, but I appreciate you calling that out!

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Gotcha, happy to help! :slight_smile: