Issues with Retrieving Session Information Using ListSessionApi in Zoom Video SDK

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I am developing a service that includes video calls using the Zoom Video SDK. I have implemented a process to retrieve session information using the ListSessionApi, but I have encountered an issue where the session information cannot be retrieved for certain cases.

The SessionID in question is:

Additionally, when attempting to view the session information from the dashboard, the session is listed, but the link is inactive, preventing me from accessing the details. Could you help investigate the cause of this issue?

I hope you’re doing well.

Since I haven’t received any responses yet, I was wondering if there might be any updates or additional information needed from my side to help address this issue.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi @yusuke.yamashita
What issue are you having when trying to retrieve the session?

Hi @elisa.zoom
A specific session is not included in the response of the ListSessionApi.
Additionally, when I open the dashboard, the session is displayed, but the link is disabled, so I cannot open the details page.

Thanks for the update @yusuke.yamashita
Are you double-encoding the session ID when calling the API?

Hi @elisa.zoom

The session ID where the issue is occurring is ee9fNJI6TpCkTXpF/16vEg==. This is from June 26th. When an API request is made to retrieve this session, a 404 error is returned by the API.
As a test, the same request was made for a session on June 25th that had no issues (session ID: xYUMNpM2S/iy4qFA/wlB1A==), and the result was successfully retrieved.

request results
{“level”:“error”,“status_code”:404,“response_body”:“{"code":3001,"message":"Session does not exist."}”,“session_id”:“ee9fNJI6TpCkTXpF/16vEg==”,“time”:“2024-07-12T11:04:48+09:00”,“message”:“unexpected status code: error_id = a0ae64a9-9729-4476-91a8-735e8b8d2819”}

could you please try double encoding the session ee9fNJI6TpCkTXpF/16vEg== and call the endpoint like so please? @yusuke.yamashita

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