User name is required. (300)

I’ve been trying to access Zoom via the web client. It asks me for a username and then I get this error: “User name is required. (300)”.

I’ve also tried to input the username into the URL, according to this thread:

But haven’t managed to get into a meeting. I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong :sa:

Anybody had an error like that before?

Thanks in advance and wish you all the best!

Hi @kadriko06,

If you are using the Web Client you can do so using the below example. Make sure to base64 the username for the un parameter{meeting-id}/join?prefer=1&un={base64-username}


Thanks for the reply but as I said above, it still asks for name when I try to connect.

For example when I go there:
It should have my name set as ‘Marko’ I believe but still asks for my name. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, if there’s a password, will I just use URL like this?

Thanks in advance, really appreciate the help.

All the best!

Hey @kadriko06,

Gotcha, we have recently changed how the Web Client urls work for added security. You will have to enter your name and the captcha.