Is it possible to pass a user's firstName and lastName in the header to join a Zoom meeting as a Guest?

So that a guest user does not need to manually populate the Guest pop-up window



Is this possible?


Hi @kevin

You can consider using this url to pass a default username. Be sure to include the prefer=1 param and base64encode the username in the un param.

So the final url would look like

Zoom is em9vbQ== in base64. Visit this link for more information

Does that help resolve your issue?


That worked. Is a base64encode a requirement?


Hi @kevin,

The username query param base64 decodes to show the name in the Zoom Video. So if you don’t base64 encode the username field, the name (in the above example Zoom), would show up instead of em9vbQ==.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Thanks @Ojus

What does /wc/ signify? Notice that the user loads the room under HTML5 in browser, is it possible to force an add-in to open?


The WC means web client. We use it to force joining meeting via browser instead of native app .

Does that answer your question?


Thank you, if we did not want to use the web client? how can we force the use of the native app?

Hi @kevin,

Currently its not possible to force open the desktop client.