Zoom Web Client does not bring up the web camera



I setup the zoom web sample client. Although, when I click on Join, it only gives me an option to join using the phone, but not the “video”

Am I doing something wrong. Do see the screenshot below. 



Hi Prakash,


The webclient is a view only client, please see https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web/blob/master/README.md


It allows participants to view a zoom meeting and join by audio, it doesn’t provide video/screen sharing from the participant side.


Oh, in that case if I want the user to have a video as well. Should I just direct them to a “zoom meeting url” http://zoom.us/j/<id>

Or is there any other way we use use a sdk ?


Hi Sandy,


Correct, provide the Join URL, and whatever device they are on it will attempt to open/download the client