Zoom web client fails to connect audio when using prefer=1

When using the zoom client we pass a name via the un parameter and prefer=1, like this:


However we’ve gotten consistent reports that when doing this the audio fails to work, even though computer audio is automatically connected. The only fix is to ask users to manually disconnect and re-connect to the computer audio.

We’d prefer to use … prefer=1 because it’s the only way to skip the unnecessary and repetitive password and username form, however because the audio doesn’t work we can’t.

Is this a known issue?

Thank you!

Hey @flippyhead,

Are you serving your site over https?


@Tommy yes, it is over https

Hi @flippyhead,

Not sure if this is WebSDK related as the join_url is https://pathable.zoom.us/j/123456789?pwd=asdfasdfasdf&un=idkdiasdijfs&prefer=1 which will load the native client and not the web client.

Are you clicking join from browser when you do?
Do you see a dialog box for the browser to access your audio?
Would you be able to show a screenshots from when this happens?