Zoom web sdk- adding elapsed time

I have integrated a web sdk in my angular project. There’s a requirement wherein I need to show the elapsed time for my meeting. how do I add that?

Hi @mitz.mulgaonkar,

This would require custom CSS to overlay timing. Our WebSDK doesen’t support this out the box but you could still override the CSS. Other user have do so here - Zoom Web SDK Styling

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Also, with zoom sdk how do I create a new meeting? Right now I am able to join the existing meeting but cannot create a new meeting.

Hi @mitz.mulgaonkar, creating a meeting needs to be handled by the REST API, specifically the Create Meetings API. You can authenticate these requests server-side with JWT using the same API Key & Secret.

If you wanted to create an instant meeting, you could follow this workflow:

  1. Send a request to Create a Meeting; type: 1 for instant meeting.
  2. Receive the response, which includes the Meeting ID of the instant meeting.
  3. Join the user as a host / attendee of this meeting.