Zoom Web SDK affected due to Web Client maintenance

Thanks for the update!

@tommy oes this mean updates to the WebSDK? I’d love to have the NO UI SDK promised late last year. :slight_smile:

This is not a workaround when you have lots of additional features on your site, when the students have laptops they can’t install software on, and when you have large amount of public users who are expecting to get into meetings without downloading anything.

Is there a real timeline on this, so that we know what we have to cancel, reschedule, and find an alternative for?

Are we talking hours, days, weeks?

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Hey @classrooms, @WebWorker,

Sorry for the inconvenience, please see the note from the Manager of Developer Relations at Zoom.


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Thanks for posting this @tommy, you just saved me hours of debugging :slight_smile:

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Glad I saved you some time! :slight_smile:


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May I suggest, due to the large number of existing installations, some of which might not even be aware of this, that you put in place redirects that extract the meetingID from the SDK querystring and redirect to the zoom.us/j/[MeetingID] URL? That would immediately restore service to those who are unaware of why their clients cannot connect. Since you would know the host’s identity by the meetingID, you could then notify the host of the issue as well.

Please share more information about what that means. We are currently facing the issues that when trying to join through browser the user gets forwarded to the signup screen instead. Is this because of the maintenance mode? We have been trying to debug this issue until we found this message. So if this is the case please remove all “join from browser” links and state clearly that currently the app installation is required temporarily. Otherwise we run the risk of losing frustrated customers who wanted to join a video consultation.


Would it be such an effort for you (as a company i mean) to update your status dashboard and indicate that this problem has never been fixed yet and the status is still down ? https://status.zoom.us/

Please at least try to stay “polite” with your community by respecting them, if that’s really your intention.


Hey everyone,

The Zoom Web Client is back up.

Please see latest update here for the Web SDK:



Does this mean that the Web SDK will not work until April 7?

When exactly can we use Web SDK v1.7.4?

When you said

Zoom Web Client is back up.

Was that just for the Web Client, and the SDK will hopefully be up tomorrow?


Hey @wolinsky, @AJSpetner,

Correct. Stay updated here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/changelog


Hello @tommy,
my application working fine before web sdk maintenance, testing my application today after the web sdk back i get the following message and no error message in console this application
, i use zoomus.jssdk in angular

Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again.

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Hi there,

I updated just now the SDK to latest version (1.7.4), and yet still have an error message “Service is temporarily…”


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Hi everyone,

The WebSDK is now operational, we’ve released Web SDK version 1.7.4. Please see the thread below.


I am getting this error while joining webinar with WebSDK 1.7.4:

“The service is temporarily”

after update, after the host admits someone, this person automatically leave the meeting and receives this message

if helps on console is writting “dddddddddddddd resetWebclient”…