Zoom web SDK system requierements

Hello Zoom support.

I would like to ask you where I can find zoom SDK recommended system requirements.

I was able to find native client system requirements here :

But I think maybe zoom SDK requierements are different.

Let me know if you have any information about this.

Thank you.



Hey @ljacquel,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Except for the information that is platform specific, those system requirements should apply to the basic function of the Zoom SDKs as well. However, how many resources it uses and the system requirements could change depending on your implementation.

Let me know if that helps.


Hi Max,

However, how many resources it uses and the system requirements could change depending on your implementation.

Certainly not. The Web SDK is not customizable and does not depend on our implementation.
Zoom is the only owner of the Zoom Web SDK code, load everything under the same DOM element, communicate with its own server resources and through its own socket channels.
So in term of performances, our application is not responsible at all of CPU and Memory resources that the Web SDK is using.

I do agree that our application could of course add an additional cost on top of that, but for normal web sites, it’s definitely not going to add much and can be considered as almost null.

As for any other products Zoom deliver, there should be clear supported setups. Especially when technologies are so different.
Native application and Web based applications are not comparable. Native can use GPU, Web based cannot and therefore requires much more CPU.
Please provide us clear support profiles for the Web SDK, not only for your native clients.

Hope you understand our point of view.


Hey @nvivot,

To clarify, I was referring to your second point, where the web application would add additional load to the computer.

While I’m sure that most well written websites have a minimal impact on the resources available to the computer, it certainly can factor in to the requirements of the application.

It’s the difference between hosting online classes with the Web SDK and integrating the Web SDK into a web game. Based on the implementation and the use case for the Web SDK, the requirements for the two applications would vary greatly.

I want to be clear that the system requirements of the Web SDK itself won’t change with your implementation.

I also get your point about how the Native and Web applications use different system resources by design.

However, I still think that our minimum and recommended CPUs from our system requirements apply here. While there won’t be any hardware acceleration, I would expect that the Web SDK would operate on our minimum it just wouldn’t be the smoothest experience.

Regardless, I see the need for some published information around this and it would be beneficial to have our engineering team weigh in. I’ve reached out to them and I’ll let you know what I hear (ZOOM-275689).


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Hi @MaxM ,

Thanks, we appreciate it.

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We will keep you updated @nvivot . :slight_smile:


Hey @nvivot,

Thanks for your patience.

Our team got back to me and indicated that the System Requirements for our Web SDK follows the same requirements as our Web Client which means that we only list the browsers that we support and do not have requirements that we can provide for the native system.

You can find our prerequisites for the Web Client here.

As you may notice, this means that mobile browsers are not officially supported. We’ll work to refactor our documentation around this so that this is clear.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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