Zoom WebOS app for Smart TV's

Is there anyone working on a WebOS app for Smart TV’s? I have seen several instances where this would be a huge advantage for users, including myself as I work from home and have a large LG TV with build in Webcam.

Having a WebOS app for Smart TV’s would be a big plus right now for so many working from home. Just about everyone has a Smart TV of some kind in there home these days. And about 99% of them have a USB port and can accept a USB cam.

Is this something in the works or that can be done?

Yes, I think that would be a good idea but I think it would be a bit inconvenient because a lot of people don’t have smart tv’s and just regular tv’s staying on computer, iPad, iPhone, and etc is just fine.

I believe making this an option would be great, obviously those who don’t have a smart TVs can resort to other means but having the option would be very advantageous especially for conferences.