ZOOM Windows SDK tagStartParam4APIUser Struct Reference

I’m using the C# Wrapper and I’m with some questions about the Start a meeting:


But I’m having trouble with this object parameters:

    public struct StartParam4WithoutLogin
        public string userID;
        public string userToken;
        public string userZAK;
        public string userName;
        public ZoomUserType zoomuserType;
        public ulong meetingNumber;
        public string vanityID;
        public HWNDDotNet hDirectShareAppWnd;
        public string participantId;
        public bool isDirectShareDesktop;

I’m trying to understand where I can find these informations so an user can start a meeting and which one is really necessary.

Which version?
Windows C# Wrapper

Hi igor,

Thanks for the post. The C# wrapper is based on the Windows SDK so you may refer to the Windows SDK reference: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/windows/sdk-reference

Regarding your question, the following parameters are required:

  • zoomuserType
  • meetingNumber or vanityID
  • userID
  • userToken
  • userZAK
  • userName

The following parameters are optional, if not set, then it will go with their default values, please do set if any:

  • participantId
  • hDirectShareAppWnd
  • isDirectShareDesktop
  • isVideoOff
  • isAudioOff

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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