Zoom / Zendesk integration


Hi, So i have some basic info with challenges and need some help on how to get this setup.

I manage a small team that are all current zoom users and our zoom account is managed by our parent corporation. I need to add zoom to the small zendesk account that my team uses.

Sounds easy because all you have to do is tie the zoom account and the zendesk account using an API key.

Problem 1) From support chats we found out there can only be ONE connection between a zoom account and zendesk. My huge parent company isn’t willing to tie up that potential feature for my small group. 

The potential solution is get my own Zoom developer API account setup and use that exclusively with Zendesk. 

But that brings about problem 2) I’m a bit fuzzy on how this works but it appears that the zendesk agents email has to match the zoom account email to work. Our zendesk login uses the parent company emails so they would not match if i setup a new api account.

How does anyone suggest making this work? I dont want to completely give up the parent company zoom for daily internal connections etc but need this separate zendesk zoom setup for support cases.


PS, I’m a product support person and not an IT support person so this is all a bit outside of my wheelhouse.





Hi David, 

Sorry this issue is not related to APIs troubleshooting, if you need help setting up accounts please contact our support team. https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us