Zoom / Zendesk Integration Not Fully Functioning

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Installed the Zoom App for Zendesk integration. It works fine with the exception of posting in the Zendesk comments the zoom details of the meeting (length of meeting, recording, etc…) AND does not have the recording posted in the comments as the description states it will do. Not sure why only half of this integration is working. Any suggestions?

There is no error code given.

Additional context
I did produce the API token but at no point I’ve not been asked about the token or if I need to insert the token at some point for the full sync of data from zoom to zendesk.

Hi @kjoseph,

Thanks for reaching out about this. To clarify, is this in relation to the Zendesk by Zoom app?

If so, can you confirm that the Zendesk account used to configure the integration is an administrator account?


Hello Will,
Thank you for responding to this. I used the Marketplace in Zendesk and selected the Zoom App. I am an admin in Zendesk and when I installed it sent a message to the corporate Zoom account and an admin approved it. I’m wondering if that was enough or if the zoom admin will need to load a Zendesk app in Zoom.
I can get the app to work in Zendesk so as to generate the link and throw it into the comments. It will just not do the second step and that is putting the details and recording of the zoom conference /screen share into the zendesk ticket after the zoom conference is completed.


Hi @kjoseph,

I see, thank you for confirming these details. I believe your Zoom permissions may be the crux of the missing updates/comments. Can you have your Zoom account owner/admin install the Zendesk app under their profile and let me know if this resolves the issue?


I will have them do this and get back to you.

Thanks, @kjoseph — keep us posted! :slight_smile:

Will, I’m told our zoom admin created a new role for me and asked me to install the app as they were finding 2 different apps. I can’t even find the Zendesk by Zoom app in my login. Can you assist with were I can find the app on Zoom’s side.

Sorry to be a pain. I’ve installed the Zendesk by Zoom app. (yes I found it). In order for myself and our agents in Zendesk to start a meeting and send the link they are working in zendesk and not zoom. This part is working fine. The issue is after the meeting, we are not getting the comment put into Zendesk that there was an online meeting and a recording of the online instance between the agent and the ticket requester. Would this be due to the fact that something was not installed on the Zoom side? Would the meeting have to initiate from the Zoom side (even though this IS working in Zendesk) for the comments to be dropped into the ticket in Zendesk?

I did create an API key in Zendesk, but not even sure what good that is doing for me at this point.

Hi @kjoseph,

Not a pain at all, and sorry this still isn’t working as expected—as a next step, can you submit a request with us directly with your Zoom Account details and some more sensitive info? You can do so here.

Please include your:

  • Zoom Account ID
  • Email associated with your Zoom/Zendesk accounts

These details will allow our team to check your account/integration settings and make sure everything is in order correctly.

Thank you,

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