Admin Level App Install for all Zoom users in a workspace/Tenant

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Can a Zoom Admin install a particular App for all the users in that workspace/tenant?

I somewhere read that zoom apps are user managed, meaning all users have to install the apps for their zoom client.

I wanted to check if Admin level management of app installation is also present? Like if I have an App in Zoom Market Place and I want it to be preinstalled, without every user installing it for them. Can this be done?


Yes, so we have both User managed and Account level OAuth Apps. You can read more on this at the link below

In short explanation User Managed Apps can be installed by users on a Zoom account which will just be associated with the user

Account level Apps need to be installed by Admins or Account owners and when installed it does so for all users on the account.

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Thanks Kwaku for the response, one follow up question,
I see that there are options to create Zoom Apps and Also Oauth apps in Develop → Build App.
Zoom Apps are user Managed while Oauth Apps are both account managed and user managed.
Both of them gets listed on Zoom Market place for users to install.

What is the difference between the two of them?
Why do we have separate options to create them?

Hello, All Zoom Integrations use OAuth for authentication, but Zoom Apps are more of an in app related experience where OAuth apps do not offer that in app related option please see more on both below

OAuth Apps:
Zoom Apps:

Regards, Kwaku