Zoommeetingsdk chat pannel not open like zoomapp chat pannel

When i am starting the zoom meet using meetingsdk and bind with

” this html but when I am trying open the chat popup it opened like dialog but I need open chat popup like zoomapp chat sidepanel .Here I attched two image .

Is there any possibility to open chat pannel like above image in meetingsdk

my zoommeet image:

Please respond as soon as possible

there are in the zoom meeting SDK two different versions

If you want the chat like in the zoom app you have to switch to client view


Thanks for the replay !
am I record the Zoom meeting in local storage with the component view ?. If yes, How can I implement that.

you mean local recording?

local recording is available for

  • Zoom desktop client for Windows
  • Zoom desktop client for macOS
  • Zoom desktop client for Linux

local recording is not available (only cloud recording) for

  • web client on zoom.us
  • web meeting SDK (client view)
  • web meeting SDK (component view)

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