ZoomPhone Call Recording Fetching issue

Hi Team,

We are trying to fetch the ZoomPhone call recordings using the Admin’s access token, but we are getting 401.

The app we have developed is Account Level - OAuth app
We are using the valid access token to fetch the recording (admin users access token)

Please me know if need to any specific information about the call to debug the case.

Hi @phonebridge-integ
Thanks for reaching out to us, I am happy to help here!
Could you please share with me what endpoint are you trying to reach?
and what error are you getting?

Hello @elisa.zoom

Thanks for the reply. Please find the request details below, and the time of issue occurred was 1685578666834


Thanks @phonebridge-integ
Could you please share with me what error are you getting? or what issue are you running into?

Hi Team,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Please find the complete details below,

Request URL : https://zoom.us/v2/phone/recording/download/x-dKp4gTQNKGwYzC9MVD0A?access_token={{ACCESS_TOKEN}}

HTTP Status Code : 400

Response Body : {“code”:401,“message”:“Invalid access token, this access token is not supported as query parameter string.”}

FYI: The access token sent in the request is newly created access token.

Hi Team,

Could we get any updates for the above issue.?

Hi @phonebridge-integ
Thanks for reaching out to us
We recently made some changes to the way we handle access_tokens and those should not be passed down as a query parameter anymore

In your request, try to pass this value in your authorization headers, as Bearer token