ZOOMProcess ended unexpectedly with error code -1073741811

I am using zoom windows SDK version v5.9.1.2601 with windows 10 to host meetings with the FFmpeg process in the background to fetch video. The zoom process ends unexpectedly with the message ZOOMProcess ended unexpectedly with error code -1073741811.

Hi @cai.zoom, thanks for using our SDK.

Sorry to hear you’re running into a crash when using the SDK. Can you please provide steps to reproduce the crash and whether or not you can reproduce this with the SDK sample app?


hey @jon.zoom
This is happening intermittently for a few meetings and there are no specific steps to reproduce this.
Not getting anything relevant on logs to it just sets the status to ‘MEETING_STATUS_ENDED’ with end reason ’ [EndMeetingReason_None]’.

Hi @cai.zoom,

Unfortunately with the information provided, we do not have enough evidence to investigate this as an SDK issue. Please let me know if you find any additional information that will enable us to look into this. :slightly_smiling_face:


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