ZoomRoom ZR-CSAPI Stop Responding over SHH connection

We are integrating with Zoom Rooms Control System API Version 1.1 over SSH CLI interface.
We are using the JAVA JSCH ssh library to connect with the ZoomRoom with ssh interface.

Problem Statement:
We are getting issues with the ZoomRoom stop responding over ssh channel and after some time on the same connection and channel, it starts responding and getting responses.

Device and Platform Description:
“platform”: “Mac OS X, 10.14.6”
“Zoom Room Release”: “5.8.4083.1014”
“ZAAPI Release”: “1.1

Our Observation:
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
The issue frequently occurs when we switch between the Zoom native app and reconnect with our java program again on the new channel some time it doesn’t respond to any ZR-CSAPI command but the connections are made successfully and for the same connection after some time it starts giving the response.

Hi @nitin.choudhary,

Thanks for raising this with us. Is it possible to share the logs associated with this error by opening up a request with us here? We can share these with our Engineering team for further investigation.


Hi @will.zoom
Thanks for acknowledging,
Please find the logs of all log files available on the Zoom Room Setup.
When the issue occurs that time the log files end with _4.log was active you can see those files with preference.

Hi @nitin.choudhary can you please share these with us directly at developersupport@zoom.us? We will take a closer look.


Sure will share over mail.

Thanks @nitin.choudhary — we’ve received your logs via email and will be in touch shortly.

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