ZR-CSAPI zCommand Call Info response broken (ZoomRoom v5.11.0.1540)

The response to a zCommand Call Info command during a call gives a truncated JSON response which is not deserializable. A wild guess would be some sort of buffer limit on the outgoing message is being exceeded. I’ve confirmed using several SSH clients with large buffer sizes that this isn’t an issue on the SSH client side, but must be on the server side.

While looking into this I would strongly request that the zFeedback exclusion mechanism be extended to include JSON message responses. The likely reason this response is being truncated is because it is not currently possibly to exclude the callin/callout_country_list data from the response, which makes up the overwhelming majority of the data.

API Endpoint/s?
ZoomRoom v5.11.0.1540 using ZR-CSAPI in JSON response mode. API version reports as 1.1, but there have been multiple changes to the API over the last several ZoomRoom releases that have not resulted in any increments to the API version. Please address this in further releases. Otherwise it makes it impossible to integrate safely with this API.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
*1. Start a meeting with the ZoomRoom
*2. Set ZR-CSAPI SSH session to JSON response mode ( format json )
*3. Send zCommand Call Info command
*4. Note truncated response

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