ZR-CSAPI Roadmap detail [repost]

[This is a re-post: I must have accidentally deleted the previous post]

I just uploaded a beta 13 of the ZR-CSAPI:

It has these additional features, beyond the beta 12:

  • PTZ camera control, for local and FECC, plus speed control for the Panasonic he40: zCommand Call CameraControl
  • Turn recording on/off: zCommand Call Record
  • Allow user to record meeting: zCommand Call AllowRecord
  • spotlight user: zCommand Call Spotlight
  • pin user: zCommand Call Pin
  • Handle highly reverberant room: zConfiguration Audio Input reduce_reverb: <on/off>
  • zFeedback mechanism for filtering responses

The ZR-CSAPI will ship with the next release of the Mac/Win Zoom Room, which will be in January 2019.

For Windows, the ZR-CSAPI is still in beta.

Here is the ZR-CSAPI roadmap:

ZR-CSAPI beta: We have a planned beta release in final stages of test for October, with these fixes / additions:


  • In latest Zoom Room version, Current participant list for a meeting is always empty. ZOOM-29868
  • In Windows beta, the participant list was not updated when a participant left. ZOOM_34339
  • Prevent calendar refresh more than once every 180 seconds ZOOM-49600
  • Phonebook download is limited to 1000 users ZOOM-29902
  • JSON Escape problem: ZOOM-51731
  • Possible Windows connection closure problem: ZOOM-34414

New features:

  • Join via password ZOOM-45369
  • Allow another host to mute the Zoom Room: ZOOM-45381
  • Sort phonebook based on screenName: ZOOM-53562
  • For H.323/SIP endpoints added in the H.323/SIP Room Connector -> H.323/SIP Devices Tab: include those in the phonebook, and allow dial-out to those endpoints: ZOOM-53416
  • Expel user ZOOM-45270
  • Sharing (launch, notification, sharing-only, get sharing code, share camera) ZOOM-45271, ZOOM-45272, ZOOM-50693
  • Get notification when the user starts a meeting from a Windows Surface touchscreen: ZOOM-45371
  • Video Layout controls: ZOOM-45368
  • Test microphone, test speaker, lock meeting, mute on entry: ZOOM-52435

ZR-CSAPI v 1.1: This will likely be another beta release, pushed out before the end of the year:


  • Support Encrypted Communication Channel: ZOOM-55428: ZAAPI

New features:

  • Host management ZOOM-45364
  • Record start/stop ZOOM-45366

ZR-CSAPI v2: To be released with the next Zoom Room GA, likely released in January 2019:

  • Advanced Features: ZOOM-33293

Zoom Rooms Chrome OS was released on August 6, 2018. ZR-CSAPI support for the Zoom Rooms chrome OS is not on the roadmap, but it may get added in the future.

Simultaneous ZR-CSAPI / iPad: A lot of integrators have asked for the capability to use the ZR-CSAPI, while simultaneously using the iPad Zoom Room controller, for simple synchronization of events, like external microphone mute buttons. I am figuring out how to get this feature added to the roadmap. In the meantime, the alternative at the moment is to use the Zoom Room supported HID-compatible devices. Right now, in terms of audio devices, the Zoom Rooms supports these HID devices:

  • Revolabs Speakerphones
  • Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e
  • Logitech Group Speakerphone
  • Logitech ConferenceCam Connect
  • Logitech MeetUp
  • Polycom Trio 8800 & 850
  • Polycom Voxbox
  • Jabra 710
  • Jabra 510
  • Crestron Mercury

Unfortunately, to support a new HID device, we have to build a custom HID driver on the Zoom Room just for that device: there is no universal HID solution.

For getting/setting/notifications for audio volume: There is no HID interface for volume; instead, the system volume is what controls the Zoom Room volume.

In terms of synchronizing Zoom Room usage with monitor on/off, we have CEC capability; but that solution is less than ideal.

In addition to simultaneous ZR-CSAPI/iPad usage, any thoughts on being able to have multiple ZR-CSAPI connections at once? That way, I can leave the room system running if I just need to connect to run a few API queries. Currently, a second SSH connection is immediately refused if there is already one active. This would also solve a secondary problem I noticed in that, if the SSH connection does not close cleanly (Crestron processor hung and rebooted), the Zoom Room does not drop the client the until it tries (and fails) to send any data, which may take a while depending on how often your contacts change status. Thus, the rebooted processor cannot reconnect until that happens.

Jeff: Good input. We are considering adding multiple simultaneous support for both ZR-CSAPI and the iPad controller; it’s a large test effort, but we are thinking of making it work for a subset of commands on a sooner time frame.



Hi Scott,

Just wanted to check in on the the projected status of the ZR-CSAPI beta - does it look like it will still make it into October? We are eager and excited to make use of the new features.

Best regards,

Tom Drewes

The roadmap status is up to date.

Is there support in the Zoom Room software for a USB Keyboard?  I know that I can use a keyboard to exit the application so clearly Zoom Room must recognize they keyboard.  My question is are there other commands that can be executed via the keyboard (i.e. mute, share content, control camera, etc.).  I have a use case where this would be a sufficient method of control.  If this is the wrong thread to post such a question, or if this is already documented, please let me know.  Thanks.  

The Speaker output volume is determined by the system volume. If the keyboard it able to control system volume using special buttons, then those buttons automatically work to control Zoom Room volume. The exception is if you are using the Mac Zoom Room, and if you are sending speaker audio out the HDMI cable: In this case, the system volume is always pegged at 100% no matter what, and volume must be controlled by the device receiving the HDMI stream.

For any other functions, like mute / unmute / call accept / call reject, the Zoom Room does not support buttons on a keyboard. If the keyboard has special buttons that can be accessed via HID/USB, then Zoom could write drivers to access the buttons (like we do for some speakerphones), but there would need to be a compelling use case.

Side note: On the Mac Zoom Room, it’s no longer possible to switch from the Zoom Room app to other apps using control-h.

Is this a valid place to report feature requests

wifiName It would be preferable if this text could be provisioned.  If the Zoom Room is connected Ethernet portable devices need to connect to the WiFi to share.   Since there can be many many listed being able to set the preferred SSID for end users to connect would be advantageous.


When will there be an update to allow the used to share content from a hardwired HDMI input?  We typically use the magwell HDMI to USB to bring a rack mounted PC into the system for PPT/ presentation content in our Zoom rooms and we want to be able to do that same with this new setup.




Brian: HDMI sharing ability is included in beta release 12 for both Mac and Windows: See the original post above for the pointers; I keep that post up to date with the latest status.

what is the schema for inviting SIP/H.323 end-points? Apologies if this has been covered somewhere already. Looking to call Polycom/Cisco rooms from Zoom Room via API (Room Connector enabled) and also telephone calls via SIP phone integration.

“For H.323/SIP endpoints added in the H.323/SIP Room Connector -> H.323/SIP Devices Tab: include those in the phonebook, and allow dial-out to those endpoints: ZOOM-53416”


For the current ZR-CSAPI, you can invite a SIP / H.323 endpoint, if you first add the endpoint on the Web portal at: H.323/SIP Room Connector -> H.323/SIP Devices Tab. Then, download the phonebook; the H.323 / SIP endpoints will be listed. Extract the jid identifier for the endpoint. Then, you can invite the endpoints using the jid:

While in a meeting, invite regular Zoom endpoints and/or SIP / H.323 endpoints:
zCommand Call Invite user: user: user: …

Launch a meeting and invite regular Zoom endpoints and/or SIP / H.323 endpoints:
zCommand Invite duration: user: user: user: …

Check out the latest documentation for details:

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Hi All!

This is a post to announce beta build 14 (released 11/30/2018 but never announced) and beta build 15.
Get the latest beta build here: https://ota.zoom.us/ZoomRooms/ZRCSAPI/

Beta build 14 new features over 13:

  • Handle highly reverberant room: zConfiguration Audio Input reduce_reverb: <on/off>
  • PTZ camera control, for local and FECC, plus speed control: zCommand Call CameraControl
  • Allow user to record meeting: zCommand Call AllowRecord
  • Turn recording on/off: zCommand Call Record
  • Spotlight user: zCommand Call Spotlight
  • Pin user: zCommand Call Pin
  • zFeedback mechanism for filtering responses

Beta build 14 also fixes the following bugs:

  • Mac Zoom Room participants list always empty or not updating when invoking zCommand Call ListParticipants
  • zCommand phonebook list was limited to 1000 users
  • Special characters in JSON were not being properly escaped
  • Windows closure problem

Beta build 15 new features over 14:

  • Sip phone callout: zCommand Dial PhoneCallOut
  • Invite Sip/H323 room: zCommand Call InviteH323Room, zCommand Call InviteSipRoom
  • Check into meeting: zCommand Dial CheckIn
  • Schedule and delete meeting: zCommand Schedule Add, zCommand Schedule Delete
  • Turn on/off closed captions: zConfiguration Call ClosedCaption

Beta build 15 fixes the following bugs:

  • zConfiguration Audio Input is_sap_disabled: <on/off> not updating in WinZR
  • Start sharing with password, user cannot join meeting via share.zoom.us with password
  • is_recording and can_recording in meeting participants list is never updated
  • Format command not parsed
  • ZAAPI.exe cannot start if set default password is blank on web portal.

Please see ZRCSAPI_BetaX.docx included with the build for more information about new features, bug fixes, and known issues.

The next ZR-CSAPI will be released late January 2019. The January 2019 release will be very similar to beta 15. The differences will be noted below.

Known differences between beta 15 and January 2019 release:

  • zCommand Phonebook List in January release will describe more information such as legacy, presence status, sip information, and cloud PBX information about the contact if applicable.

Hi Zach,

Are the commands added by Beta Build 15 documented in https://zaapi.docs.stoplight.io/? I checked but didn’t see them.

Hi Hector,

thanks for bringing it up, the latest docs have now been published and should include all the commands in beta 15.

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I’ve encountered an issue in Beta 15 - when parsing json responses my program throws the error: unexpected character encountered while parsing value. This does not occur when using any of the previous betas. Can provide more detail, but just wondering if there was a known issue?

The JSON replies should be well-formed; post the offending structure and we can look into it.

Thanks Scott. Upon further inspection I can see that the JSON responses are indeed formatted correctly. The issue appears to be related to the ‘echo off’ command.

When my program first connects to the Zoom Room the ‘echo off’ command is sent. However, I’m still seeing all sent commands echoed back from the Zoom Room. I did not see this behavior in previous builds. I’ve overcome the issue by checking the responses and only processing valid JSON data (which I should have been doing anyway).

Interestingly, I have no issues with the echo off command when using Putty - so the problem may pertain to my .NET program in some way.

Is the zFeedback command intended only for the CLI format? I would love to be able to get rid of that call-in country list from the JSON responses.

For this version, zFeedback only applies to the CLI responses, not the JSON responses. I updates the documentation to mention this limitation: