ZR-CSAPI - Windows Beta - Pipe Reconnecting & Unsupported Command

I just installed the Windows Beta for the ZR-CSAPI and am sending a few test commands for verification.

I have run into two issues:

  • Issue #1: if the first command I try to send is of type “zCommand”, the response to the command (and every command going forward) is “*e Pipe Reconnecting”.

  • Issue #2: if instead I try as my first command something of type “zStatus”, every single response is “*r onUnsupported Command(status=Error)”.


Are these known issues or is there something I can try/check to remedy this? As it stands, I cannot use the API at all given these responses to every command I send.


Thanks very much!

We were able to solve this problem using the latest ZR-CSAPI beta build 12 (Mac + Windows), which was uploaded on October 23rd: