3003 error when create a webinar

I can’t speak English well, so my words may be weird. Please understand. :smiling_face_with_tear:
I’m having the similar problem as the link here.
I am sending a post request with a template_id.
The template was created in the owner account and I want to create a webinar in the manager account.
If I try to create a webinar using the Zoom web console, the webinar is created normally.
However, when I try to create it using the api, an error “3003 : Only the template owner has the permission to use this template for Webinar creation.” occurs.
Webinars created using the admin template are not visible in responses to webinar list get requests.
However, I can be viewed in the webinar list on the Zoom web console.

Also I can see the admin template in the webinar template list on the web console, but it is not visible when requesting get webinar template list.

I want to know the reason and solution

Hi @ko9608
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community! I am happy to help here! I will test this on my end and try to replicate this issue.

I have a question for you, what app type are you using when calling the API? Is it a JWT app? An OAuth app? It will be very helpful to know so I can debug this issue.


Hi! @elisa.zoom
Thanks for your attention to this matter. :smile:
I am currently using JWT app.