Inconsistency beetween create meeting and create webinar APIs

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s) - POST

Hi, I’ve been building an application to be integrated with the marketplace.

The scenario is the following: there is an admin account with some licensed users that are meant to be both meetings and webinar hosts. The mentioned account has set up some meetings and webinar templates(Admin templates).


When I call the
post /users/{userId}/webinars and I pass a WEBINAR admin template I get this error:

{"code":3003, "message": "Only the template owner has the permission to use this template for Webinar creation."}

This works perfectly fine if I create a new meeting with a MEETING admin template by using this API instead
post /users/{userId}/meetings

NOTE: in the user_id parameter I put the licensed user id that should host the meeting/webinar

It seems a bug.

Could you have a look into it?

Thank you


To apply a webinar template, you can pass the ID as a query parameter like this:{userId}/webinars?template_id={templateId}

Can you make sure you are following these guidelines?

I do pass the template_id in the request body as the documentation states:

The fact is:

  • the analogous API for meetings creation accepts admin templates,
  • the one reported does not, i.e. there is an inconsistency between the two different behaviors

a comment on your side would be appreciated, as it is probably a bug of your platform.

Thank you

Hi @claudio.mazza.docebo
Thank you for your patience here!
I was able to do some testing on my end and was able to reproduce this error.
I will go ahead and reach out to our Engineering team about this issue and will come back with an update.

Hi @elisa.zoom

any updates on this?

Thank you

Hi @claudio.mazza.docebo
Thanks for your patience.
I have created an internal ticket with our Engineering team reporting my findings.
I have not gotten any updates yet but I will engage with the team and will come back to you shortly .

Hi @claudio.mazza.docebo
Thank you for your patience here.
I just heard back from our Engineering team and they have informed me that currently, we do not support webinar admin templates via API, so the error you are seeing is expected.

I will go ahead and create a feature request for this feature and will keep you posted.