3rd Party Caption display in Zoom 5.13.7 is duplicated

3Play Media integrates with Zoom meetings and webinars via Zoom’s API, our App type is OAuth. For customers using the 3Play Media Zoom integration, 3Play Media will generate captions based on our customer’s Zoom event audio and generate captions, and we then post our 3Play Media-generated captions to our customers’ Zoom meetings and webinars using Zoom’s API token.

In the latest version of Zoom, version 5.13.7, we are noticing that each caption frame displayed is duplicated. The top line of captions is preceded by the letter “C” and the bottom line of captions is preceded by the letter “U” (and then the exact same caption text is replicated on both lines).

This behavior was not occurring on version 5.12.9, leading us to believe this caption display issue is an issue with the newer version of the Zoom client.

Note: in my Zoom settings, I have Zoom’s native captions disabled.

3Play has many customers relying on our captioning delivery into Zoom, and this captioning display issue negatively impacts our customers and their audience.

Please let us know if there is any additional information we can provide to aid in the resolution of this issue.

Because your app is a paid account, we cannot reproduce it locally. I want to confirm how you put the subtitles on the screen of the Webinar. Did you make it yourself, or the call of our zoom API, which API is it?

Hi Hedy,

We are posting to Zoom’s Caption API token using the Zoom integration we have built with our App - the 3Play Media Live Captions app, which is an OAuth app (App Marketplace).

Here is an example of what we use for the api URL is https://wmcc.zoom.us/closedcaption?id=139842744&ns=SUJEIExpdmU&expire=86400&sparams=id%2Cns%2Cexpire&signature=tNNeS_UKYv94_KVHfytSsrIX_CQTfgmlaX4Z6OAfOKw.AG.d7oyWu8VDkRpN5-jMi5xwaaZEx4W_HWJ5j7RF5xJqK3r7569vYIeNvWFOZ-uZaXeKX5RNTQlTsl-mcGQ2kBOb-5yiwo77gg-rkjhv9vmjg.2e9NDh-moj_EjUaQQ8ABYA.sapbczB8swi4bOOl.

We make a POST to the above url where the data is the formatted captions as plain text.

Please let us know if there’s additional information we can provide here, and appreciate your looking into this issue.

Hi Hedy, following up, I have screenshots of the issue appearing in the Zoom UI, but I’m unable to attach them to this message. Would a screenshot be useful? If so, please let me know if there is a way to send an image.

hi stephanie,
sorry for replying later. I already got the screenshot, I am confirming this issue with our development team, and will update you in time when there is an update

Hi Hedy, thank you for the follow up. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to accelerate the investigation into this issue, happy to provide additional information.


hi Stephanie,
This is a bug, we will fix it in the next release, there is a workaround here :current customers can fix this issue by opening this option:
settings->meeting-> Automated captions


Hi Hedy, thank you for the follow up, do you have a timeline for the next release?

Regarding the workaround that you have suggested, our company produces our own captions that our customers pay for. When enabling Zoom’s native auto captions, Zoom allows the user to display both our captions as well as Zoom’s captions at the same time, which we have found causes significant confusion from a customer/user standpoint. The workaround you have proposed will likely not be a viable option.

Are there any other ways in which we might mitigate this issue?

THanks for your help,

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