A solution for automatically singing someone to a certain account and open a meeting?

Hi all,

Many on our team do not handle tech easily, even singing in and out of accounts. I was wondering if there’s a solution like a link/or app or a command line option with which I can have a certain team memeber click a link/file and have them be signed in automatically into a speficic user account and open a meeting for them.

any leads?


My organization set up a web site that takes the intended meeting ID, redirects to an OAuth authorization flow to retrieve the user’s identity, then confirms that they are signed in as the correct user before redirecting them onwards to the meeting details page. If your organization supports single sign-on (SSO), you might additionally be able to create a way to forcibly change their identity if you can control that process, but I’m not too familiar with the details.

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@pdharma ,

Welcome to the Developer Forum. This seems a like perfect use case for leveraging the Zoom Access Token (ZAK) to start a meeting on behalf of a host. To start a Zoom Meeting, all would have to do is use a role value of 1 in your SDK Signature, and pass in the Meeting host’s zak token. This enables your Web Meeting SDK to start the Meeting. Please see our support documentation below :