Access to upcoming meetings

I need to show al upcoming events for the next month, including recurring events.

As I understand it the /report/users can only give me meetings that has already been held.
I tried calling it for future dates, but it only gave me a subset of meetings, a not any recurring ones.

I need to get the data for UI reports: Reports -> Upcomming Events. Where you can tick the ‘Include no fixed time events’.


Hi @spo, have you seen or used the List Meetings API? This will show all scheduled meetings.

Hi Michael.

Yes I have seen it. But then I have to enumerate every user. I have tried this before, and I get a ‘to many calls’ error. I looks like you are only permitted a certain amount of API calls inside a timeframe.


Hey @spo,

Yes, make sure you are in bounds of our rate limits:

A trick to get data without running into rate limits is to use our webhooks:


Made a 50 millisecond sleep for every 80 users, then I can use the /users/{userId}/meetings


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Thanks for sharing your solution @spo! :slight_smile: