Access token expires after one hour so my Logic App flowstep runs only one hour. No renew

I developped a custom connector within Azure Logic Apps with generic oauth 2 settings. I filled in the autorisation url and url for access token and refresh token. When I run listusers via the custom connector, everything looks fine, but after exactly one hour the flowstep ended. It is definitely related to the expiration of the accesstoken. Normally it refreshes automaticely, but in this case not. I have to read more then 30.000 users, so I have a partly result without any error message. The flowstep is ended at random places after one hour. It just depends on the speed of that moment. Please advise how to run flowsteps longer then one hour.

Hi @f.h.j.beentjes
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This issue you are seeing is expected.
Access tokens have an expiration time of one hour. You would have to use the refresh_token associated with the access_token to generate a new pair of tokens before the hour so you can keep your application running

Hi Elisa,

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The point is that I have configured the token endpoint (acces token, refresh token) within my custom connector within Azure Logic Apps. Is there an api call to get a new access token within my flow?



I am not familiar with how Azure works in the background.
But if you have a valid refresh token (they are valid for 90 days) you should be able to generate a new set of credentials