Accessing all recordings with the /v2/account/{accountId}/recordings api

I’m trying to use the{accountId}/recordings API with either a JWT or an OAuth authorization scheme. The tokens I have created work fine for user-based requests. I can retrieve recordings for all users. However I can see that some older recordings which I can see in the browser, are not returned via the API, no matter which user ID I try to apply. These appear to be ‘meeting room’ meetings. I can retrieve these recordings directly if I copy the urls and then use the JWT token in a GET request, or if I directly retrieve the meeting information. However I cannot for the life of me figure out how to just get a complete list of all recordings for the account, and when I try the above endpoint, or any ‘account’ endpoints, my requests come back with an invalid token error.

{"code":124,"message":"Invalid access token."}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
Knowing the API endpoint/s can help us to identify your issue faster. Please link the ones you need help/have a question with.

Additional context
I have reviewed all the other 124 error reports I was able to find in this forum and none of them helped.

Hey @jspdev,

Thank you for reaching out. First, it’s important to note that this API uses an Account ID. If you are using an User ID then the request will fail. Also, please make sure that you are setting the from and to parameters when making the request otherwise, the request will only apply to the current date:

If that doesn’t help, are you able to provide the full request URL that you’re using as well as the response?


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