Accessing AlternativeHost/SchedulingFor feature through API

We need to provide alternative hosts and scheduling for options in our case. We are unable to confirm this in our test account. We are having a pro account for testing. We are having another user with the basic plan. We try to create a meeting with the newly added user as an alternative-host. It’s not working as expected. It’s expecting the new user also to have a paid pro account.

Is there any other way to test this for the developer accounts, without having another pro user account? If it is not possible, can we have a confirmation on this in an elaborated way?

We need to know and confirm, whether alternativeHost feature will work if we add licensed user in meeting payload, as “schedule_for”: “user email”.

When we try to have a “schedule_for” parameter with the newly added user in meeting payload, we got the below error.
“code”: 1110,
“message”: “Not assigned scheduler.”

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
We are developing account Level OAuth app

Which Endpoint/s?

Additional context
It will be helpful if there is an exemption in accessing these features in developing phase of the developer app.

For “schedule for” to work, you would need to add the pro user as an “assistant” to the basic user.


Hey @integrationAnywhere,

Please see the prerequisites for the schedule_for and alternative_host features here:


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