Schedule meeting on behalf of someone else


I have a pro account. I have also added person X under my users. But only my account is pro. I want to schedule a meeting for my account but add person X as an alternate candidate to become the host of the meeting.

Meeting will be scheduled in my pro account. In case I am not available, person X can become the host of the meeting even he is not in a pro account.

Is this requirement can be achieved in zoom?

Hi @jude.niroshan11, in order to be set as an alternate host of a meeting, the user will need to be on the same account of the original host of meeting. This secondary user could be a Basic user (free), but they would need to be on the same account as the original host.

@michael.harrington just to clarify, I have added the the person X account under

admin -> user management -> users

It shows the person X as basic. I haven’t started the implementation yet to use the meeting automation with zoom API. Do you say that it is possible for create a meeting and add person X as a host for that meeting?

Hey @jude.niroshan11,

Have you tried just creating the meeting for that user by passing in their userId or email to the Create Meeting API?


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